How to develop a job profile

What goes into a job profile

The job profile is considered to be one of the benchmarks and fundamental tools of the entire HR system. The document describes the position itself in detail, forms biographical requirements, key aspects of corporate culture, defines the function of the specialist and the key competencies that will be required to successfully perform the assigned functions in a particular profession. All of this is called a job profile.

The descriptive characteristics of the position profile include:

  • title;
  • definition of the position's purpose;
  • indication of the name of the structural unit or department;
  • details of the manager;
  • the entire list of subordinates, if the relevant job specifics include the presence of subordinates.

Biographic requirements in the job profile record:

  • requirements for age, gender of the specialist;
  • Requirements for work experience and education.

The job profile also includes corporate values, if the company has a strong culture. In order for the candidate to quickly pass the adaptation period and fit in with the team, the peculiarities of the personality and level of competence are taken into account. For example, when working with clients it is difficult to do without communicative competence, client orientation, the ability to build long-term relationships and conclude profitable contracts.

In the section of functional responsibilities the entire list of requirements for the LinkedIn Profile Example for Managing Director functions assigned to a certain employee is recorded.

The key competences here would be the professional qualities.

The profile of the director's position includes:

  • the ability to set goals and objectives;
  • Distribute functional duties between the subordinates;
  • supervise and assess the work results;
  • the ability to set priorities;
  • Other skills necessary for successful company-specific leadership.